Marvel Legends Giant Man BUILD A FIGURE Wave Leaked!!! 0

To our knowledge, this photo did not come from an official source, but dammit does it look official as hell! I love what we’re getting for our MCU Giant Man. This is an awesome first look at what we’ll see in the future. I’m not disappointed by the Ant-Man and Giant Man costumes being exactly the same. Makes a lot of sense. My biggest fear at this point is that it looks like we won’t get an upper thigh swivel for the Giant Man BAF. We’ll have to see.

It looks like the figures we’ll be getting are:

  • Civil War Captain America
  • Civil War Mark 46/Bleeding Edge Iron Man
  • Civil War Black Panther
  • Comic Nick Fury
  • Comic NUKE
  • Comic Red Guardian

This does not seem like it would make the greatest wave of Marvel Legends, but somehow I’m thinking it’s going to be incredible. I won’t be surprised to see the Hyperion mold used for Nuke and Red Guardian. I’m hoping Nick Fury has a ton of accessories, he really should. The Iron Man looks amazing, and we saw earlier that he’ll come with some awesome effects. Cap is “meh” for me because we’ve seen that figure released at least twice before. Black Panther looks like he’ll be the heavy hitter of the wave aside from the BAF.

Those are the two I’m most excited for; Black Panther and BAF Giant Man. ┬áLet me know which one’s you want to have in-hand most in the comments below.